Dr. Martin Mihalovits (1)

Dr. Martin Mihalovits

Chief Executive
Kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee

“For us and especially also for our customers, the professional and target-oriented advice from Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting represents a considerable added value. The concepts they developed form a very good basis for financing decisions both for prospective investment financing and in order to overcome crisis situations.”


Albrecht Richard

Warth & Klein Grant Thornton

“In joint projects with Zarges von Freyberg we regularly appreciate the high degree of professionalism in the facts, the personal reliability and the perfect cooperation.”

Connor Ryterski Prizeotel

Connor Ryterski

Managing Director

“The sincere personal involvement, the pleasant and reliable cooperation and the competent support of the consultants from Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting contributed to the way that we were able to expand into a city in Germany with our brand ‘prizeotel’. We look forward to continuing the productive cooperation and see the entire team as loyal and competent partners for further contracts.”

Foto von Mengershausen

Burgi von Mengershausen and Roger Brandes

Managing Directors
Tannerhof, Bayrischzell

“The integral consultancy by Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting over a period of several months provided us with very valuable impulses in various areas of the concern. The final result was that we were able to increase the overall business performance of the Tannerhof quite considerably. With the help of practical process analyses and optimisation measures the team of consultants supported us actively in the increase of additional sales, especially in gastronomy, and supported our general efficiency in work processes. The also gave us valuable recommendations regarding our positioning, pricing and communications strategy. All this led to a long-term increase in the operating result. What we particularly value in Zarges von Freyberg is the open and pleasant, always target-oriented cooperation on equal terms.”

Mark Iten V2

Mark Iten

Chairman of the Board
International Tourism Organisation (ITO)

“Through their highly analytical approach Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting helped us to make the right decisions concerning a hotel project on Sicily. We greatly appreciated the very pleasant and professional cooperation.”

Franziska Betz

Franziska Betz

Managing Director
Hotel Schnitzer, Bad Wiessee

“After over ten years of cooperation with Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting which invariably inspired complete confidence we have now actually succeeded in fulfilling our greatest wish, to completely renew our hotel with a perfectly planned concept.”

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Stefanie und Johannes Ziegelbauer

Managing Directors
Relais-Chalet Wilhelmy, Bad Wiessee

“We have always found the cooperation with Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting highly innovative and beneficial for our expansion plans. The professional knowledge and the high degree of flexibility of the consultants contributed considerably to our ability to realise the project.”

Rainer Lechner Aschbacher Hof

Rainer Lechner

Managing Director
Aschbacher Hof, Feldkirchen-Westerham

“Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting supported us very competently and analytically, based on sound knowledge, during the course of various decision-making and development processes. We found the expertise and extensive experience of the consultants – in come cases themselves also entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry – to be very valuable. We appreciate the solution-oriented and always very pleasant cooperation which has our complete confidence.”

Dieter Knauer

Dieter Knauer

Managing Director
Immobilien Freistaat Bayern

“In Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting we have found a valuable partner who for several years now has supported us within the framework of hotel- and tourism-related real-estate projects. We appreciate above all the highly individual approach, the comprehensive knowledge of the industry and the ability to develop innovative concepts for different locations. The expert assessments correspond to a very high quality standard and always provide us with an important basis for our decisions. What we particularly appreciate about the consultants is their passion for the hospitality industry, which they share with us, but at the same time their neutrality with regard to recommendations and evaluations.”


Ole Marxen

Managing Director
Hotel Gut Immenhof, Malente

“During the construction and pre-opening phase of Hotel Gut Immenhof we found the advice we received from Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting to be very competent, helpful and pleasant. We appreciated their flexible arrangement of services to suit our wishes – for example in the form of a written strategy paper, a workshop on location and the way they organised the search for a director. The consultants’ well-founded recommendations were always a great help in making the important decisions with regard to the hotel construction and opening.”

SAP FKOM 2014 - Barcelona, Spain

Ulrich Franzky

Managing Director
Silva Mountain, Mittenwald

“For us, the sound analysis within the framework of a feasibility study was the most important basis for the successful development of our new hotel project. Suitable positioning and a targeted marketing strategy played decisive roles, whereby Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting provided us with valuable support. What we particularly appreciate about the consultants is their passion for the hotel industry, which they share with us, but also their neutrality with regard to recommendations and evaluations.”


Matthias Rolle

Medical Director
OCÉANO Hotel Health & Spa, Teneriffa

“Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting was always an important sparring partner and valuable initiator for us when making our hotel fit for the future. Our cooperation was always very productive and inspiring.”

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Esther Perband

Managing Director
Silvius Dornier Holding GmbH & Co. KG

“In order to review the possibility of an extension to our Schlossgut Gross Schwansee and the associated operative and economic effects involved, we commissioned Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting with the preparation of a master plan for the future use of the property. The consultants convinced us not only with the strength of their concept but also with their practical approach. Through specific optimisation measures which could be implemented immediately we were able to find rapid solutions within the existing operation. We find the cooperation with Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting both very pleasant and successful. We shall be pleased to consult their experienced team of consultants again concerning hotel-related topics in future.”

ZAR Logo 370px

Felix Schallmeyer

Managing Director
ZAR Real Estate Holding

“Within the framework of our cooperation with Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting we were able to achieve great success in the development of hotel properties. The consultants convinced us above all with their solid, hotel-specific specialist knowledge as well as their extensive network in the hospitality sector. The pleasant, target-oriented cooperation played a major role for us within the framework of the search for a hotel operator and the associated contractual negotiations.”


Frank Hasenöhrl


“Our property, Hasenöhrl-Hof in Geitau / Bayrischzell has been an outstanding event location for the past twenty years. Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting drew up an analysis for us to help us to make a decision with regard to the potential provision of accommodation within the premises. This contributed substantially to our decision to begin with the planning. The report was scientifically-based and highly plausible. Our entrepreneurial gut feeling was substantiated by data. In spite of the highly professional approach the cooperation was very friendly and relaxed, regardless of whether it involved employees or the owners! I have no reservations about strongly recommending Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting!”

Tegernseer Grund_Logo_370px

Rainer Leidecker

Tegernseer Grund Immobilien GmbH

“We have worked with Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting for some years with the greatest confidence on three very different project developments in the Tegernsee valley. We appreciate the high degree of competence demonstrated by Mrs Zarges-Vogel, linked with her excellent knowledge of the market in the Tegernsee valley and her critical but objective manner of execution. The feasibility analyses drawn up by Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting are accepted without question by operators, investors and banks. Our cooperation to date has always been carried out in a constructive and practical manner and was for us an important part of the integral project development phase.”

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