prof. dr. burkhard von freyberg

Hotel expert, Graduate in Business Management


Burkhard von Freyberg is a Managing Partner of Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting and a partner of Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions. In addition to hotellerie-specific teaching posts at home and abroad, since 2009 he has been Professor for Hospitality Management at the Faculty of Tourism at Munich Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS). Before founding his own hotel-consulting company his job experience included several years as a Senior Consultant at Treugast Solutions Group with a main focus on feasibility studies for hotel projects at home and abroad. Burkhard von Freyberg studied Business Management at Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and gained a doctorate from the University of Regensburg. He completed a hotel apprenticeship at Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich and also worked in his parents’ gastronomy business. He is also the author of books, a lecturer and advisor in various hotel operations and committees.

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Curriculum Vitae (excerpt)

since 2018

Arbeitskreis Hotelimmobilien

Member of the independent association of some 300 protagonists from various professions in the German-speaking area

since 2017

Hotel Property of the Year

Jury member of the award by the hotelforum, the European specialist conference for hotel and property experts

since 2017

Travel Charme Hotels und Resorts

Member of the supervisory board

since 2012

Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions, Munich

Managing Partner

together with Stephanie Zarges-Vogel and André Meier, founding of the subsidiary company Online Birds Hotel Marketing Solutions, an online-marketing agency for hotels

since 2009

Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), Munich

Professor for Hospitality Management, Head of Studies for the Master’s programme

Areas of research: Hotel Project Development, Strategic Hotel Management and Hospitality Experience Management

since 2008

Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting, Munich

Managing Partner

Together with Stephanie Zarges-Vogel founding of own consultancy firm for hotellerie at the beginning of 2008

2004 – 2008

TREUGAST Solutions Group, Munich

Senior Consultant, Manager of the TREUGAST International Institute of Applied Hospitality Sciences


Munich 2019

Strategisches Management für die Hotellerie: Theorie und Praxisbeispiele, 2nd edition (with Sabrina Zeugfang,
Laura Schmidt)

Berlin 2019

Hospitality Consulting (ed.), 2nd edition (with Susanne Steppat)

Munich 2018

Hotelmanagement, 5th edition (with U. Karla Henschel, Axel Gruner)

Stuttgart 2017

ErfolgReich in der Privathotellerie, 2nd edition (with Axel Gruner, Marina Lang)

Stuttgart 2016

Gastronomie managen: Umsatzchancen nutzen, Kostenfallen meiden (with Axel Gruner, Moritz Euchner)

Stuttgart 2015

Nachhaltigkeit als Erfolgsfaktor (with Axel Gruner, Manuel Hübschmann)

Berlin 2014

Erlebnisse schaffen in Hotellerie und Gastronomie (with Axel Gruner, Katharina Phebey)

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